Transit Gloria


As we climb towards the sky
My eyes dart to two marionettes crunched together in a neat, black frame
Their blue veins dance like a tango of constellations in the dim light,
gripping each other so tightly from fervent fear of letting go.
There is a weightlessness here,
A sensory deprivation flooded with waiting and angst.
We came here to escape ourselves, didn’t we?
I smile at the stranger with hollowed eyes.
The gravity of the world has left her without one.
“These connections are ephemeral,” I think to myself,
as one solemn soul is replaced by another.
The painful bleakness of this place is placated by the reminder of my beating heart.
I only wait for its blood to change colors as I soar higher.
So that I can be full of oxygen, like everyone else.

A Picture Says……

I love photography. I have decided to unearth this passion of mine recently as an attempt to not only delve back into what makes me happy, but to also understand the importance of a single moment. The Orlando shootings have hit this country so hard, and much of what is left of those who were killed are their smiling faces in their last photos. Time is so precious, but what a photograph can capture, is a moment that may last forever. I pray for and send love to the families and survivors that were affected by this tragic event. To donate to the victims and their families, click the link below:

Here are some photos I have taken over the years that have touched my life.

IMG_0308IMG_0401IMG_2366IMG_2389IMG_2390IMG_2399IMG_2448IMG_2451Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.11.46 AMIMG_2852IMG_2853IMG_2907IMG_3157IMG_3159IMG_3260IMG_2378IMG_2381IMG_0317Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.06.28 AM